4 Signs it Might be Time for a Roof Replacement

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the weather. It’s exposed to the sun each and every day and repels rainwater, dust, debris, and wind. In short, your roof has to weather all kinds of weather, all the time! That kind of hard work takes a toll over time. Yes, you can and should have regular roofing maintenance done to prolong the lifespan of your roof, but nothing lasts forever.

Eventually, your roof will need to be replaced… but how can you tell when it’s time to pick up the phone and call in a roofing team? We’re covering the five most common signs that it might be time for a roofing replacement, not just repairs. Keep in mind that this isn’t a complete list!

The easiest and best way to know if you need a roof replacement is to have a professional roofing inspection done. RP Exteriors provides free estimates on roof installation services. Contact us today and schedule your complimentary roofing inspection.


4 Signs Your Roof Needs Replaced

1. The Roof is Past its Lifespan

Do you know how old your roof is? A roof can last anywhere from 20-50 years depending on the materials used during construction. Of course, regular roofing repairs and maintenance can help your roof reach into the higher end of its lifespan! However, if you don’t know the history of your home or how often maintenance has been performed, it can be hard to measure how many years your roof has left.

Here is a general guideline on roof lifespans by material.
Metal Roofing: 30-50 years
Asphalt Shingles: 10-20 years
Clay Tiles: 40 years (average)


2. Your Roof is Sagging Inward

A sagging roof usually means that the supportive frame beneath the roof has deteriorated. This deterioration can be from water damage, dry rot, pests, or simply the passage of time. How can you tell if your roof is sagging? Sagging or slumping can usually be noticed quite easily with a simple visual inspection. View your home from across the street. A rooftop should have visibly clean and straight lines. Any sagging is usually very obvious when viewed from far away.


3. Water Damaged Ceilings and Walls

Water stains (brown, yellow, and grey) are a sign that there’s a leak somewhere in your home. In particular, stains near the ceiling usually mean that the roof has a leak, either now or in the past. If you notice water stains forming, you can check inside the attic for humidity, mold, or moisture along the rafters. Water damage gets worse and worse the longer it’s left unattended. That’s why it’s so important to catch and repair it as soon as possible.
Restoration Partners recommends inspecting your attic and roof at least once per year. You can perform an inspection yourself, or call in a professional roofer for a more thorough inspection. Investing in a basic annual roofing inspection could save you thousands in roofing repair costs. Catching minor damage and fixing the problem early helps prevent costly repairs down the line.


4. Curling, Broken, or Missing Shingles

When shingles show signs of curling or breaking, it means they are no longer securely attached to your roof. Strong winds and seasonal storms can then pull these shingles off your roof. When this happens, the protective layer underneath is left exposed to the elements. Over time, this layer will break down and lose its resistance to water, dust, and pests. Of course, damaged shingles don’t always mean that you need a roofing replacement! Many times this is a simple repair. Your roofing contractor will assess the damage before making repairs and let you know if you need a roofing replacement.



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