Sewage & Bio-Hazard Cleanup

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Sewage Damage Restoration

Any water damage can be a problem for your building, but sewage leakage and damage can be especially difficult to remediate.  Sewage damage can come from any location within your building in which spent water is drained, including toilets, sewage lines, bathtubs, showers, and sinks.  Sewage water, also known as blackwater or category 3 water, contains contaminants including bacteria and other pathogens.  Because of the potential for serious health issues, it's very important that professional sewage restoration, done with the right equipment and training, is performed as soon as possible.  Restoration Partners has specialists trained and ready to resolve sewage damage.

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Because of the potential for sewage damage to create serious health dangers within a building, areas of sewage damage must be properly contained, sanitized, and dried.  If any moisture is left over, this can leave pockets of evaporated sewage that can travel into difficult-to-reach areas such as under floorboards, between walls and inside insulation.  When sewage moisture reaches these difficult-to-reach areas, bacteria, pathogens, and other harmful contaminants can be trapped and create strong odors. If there is also high humidity within the building, this can even cause mold growth in just 48-72 hours. If this happens, your building must be properly dried and sanitized with professional-grade dehumidifiers and other specialized sewage damage restoration equipment.

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Full Sewage Damage Restoration Service

Sewer line leaks outside of a building should also be treated as a biohazard.  We can identify where the leak is occurring and remediate the leak correctly.  Some symptoms of a cracked or broken sewer line include: sewage backups, recurring mold, slow draining, extra green patches of grass in yards, indentations in a yard, cracks in a foundation, consistent rodent problems, or septic smells and liquid above the ground.  As an IICRC WRT (Water Damage Restoration Technician) certified specialist, we can remediate sewage line issues both inside and outside of your building.