Home damaged by a falling tree

6 Signs That Your Tree May Be In Danger of Falling

Having a tree in your front yard is a great way to add beauty to your home, but it can also be a potential safety hazard. A storm or prolonged periods of high winds can be the final straw that causes a weak or damaged tree to fall. If you do find yourself dealing with a fallen tree that has damaged your home, Restoration Partners’ Storm and Wind Damage team is here to help. However, knowing the signs that a tree may be at risk of falling can help you take steps to protect your family and your property.


1. Exposed Roots

A deep and strong root system is the most important thing for keeping a tree healthy. If your tree has roots that are exposed or poking up out of the ground you may have a shallow root system. Exposed roots are also susceptible to being damaged by foot traffic, yard tools like lawnmowers or edgers, and the elements. Further damaging these roots can cause great damage to the tree leading to falls. If you have exposed roots contact an arborist to learn what you can do to prevent falls.


2. Dead Branches

Dead branches are one the easiest signs to look for when determining if your tree is ready to fall. This can be a sign of a variety of problems with the tree including disease, unhealthy root systems, and other issues. If you have dead branches on your tree call an arborist to determine what may be causing this. Dead branches themselves can also break off and damage property underneath them. It is important to get these branches professionally trimmed.


3. Tree Trunk Has Missing Bark or Cracks

The health of a tree trunk is vital to the overall strength or health of a tree. If your truck has missing bark, bark falling off, or cracks it may be a sign of larger issues. This can be caused by disease and damage from the elements or animals like woodpeckers. It’s very important that you have a professional look at these issues as quickly as possible as a weak trunk can cause falls. 


4. The Tree Is Leaning

Another one of the more obvious signs a tree is ready to fall is if the tree is leaning. Trees naturally want to grow straight up, so if it is leaning this is a sign of issues the tree may be having. Not only is leaning possibly a symptom of health issues, a tree that is leaning usually only gets worse and worse with time. Because of this, addressing a leaning tree is time sensitive, especially if the tree is leaning towards valuable property like your home, driveway, or fence. Call a professional right away to get your learning tree checked out.


5. Soft Spots

Soft spots on the limbs or trunk of a tree are one sign that it may be in danger of falling. These spots can arise when your tree has an infestation, fungi, or a wound. These can put a lot of stress on the tree causing weak spots, and weak spots lead to breaks and falls. Soft spots, especially ones caused by fungi can be dangerous to handle. Make sure you call a professional that has the right knowledge and skills to manage them.


6. Damaged or Diseased Leaves

Common tree disease if gone unchecked can cause major damage to your trees, leading to breaks and/or falls. Leaf Rust is a fungus that will permanently damage trees if left untreated. It commonly appears as reddish gold patches on a tree’s leaves. Fire Blight looks as if your tree’s leaves have been burnt to a crisp. This is caused by bacteria that will eat away at a tree’s health. Powdery Mildew looks like a thin white substance covering your tree’s leaves. This is another fungus that can cause long-term or permanent damage to your tree. If these go unchecked the health of the tree can be damaged to the point of falling over. There are remedies to these issues that can be implemented to save trees from getting to this point.


Tree Damage and Storm Damage Restoration

No one wants to experience the heartache of having a fallen tree on their home or other valuable property. Unfortunately, trees are vulnerable to a variety of natural disasters and can often fall without warning. Thankfully, there are some tell-tale signs that can alert you to a potential tree-falling before it happens. If you do have a tree or branch fall on your property, call Restoration Partners and we can help!